Recommended Business Opportunities With Low Capital

Some people might choose the way to become entrepreneurs compared to office work. In fact, many also, office workers are now utilizing side business opportunities to get extra money. Community stigma may vary with entrepreneurs. Some think that the profession is fun, because there is no need to work office 8-9 hours every day, have big profits, have employees, and much more. But there are also those who think that entrepreneurs have a high risk, because they do not necessarily have a definite income each month. This is also the consideration of everyone who wants to take a business opportunity.

However, along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, nowadays anyone, anytime, anywhere, can open a business that can start small business opportunities. There is not even an age limit for those who want to be involved in the business world. Many teenagers who are still in school have started to open small businesses using their smartphones. So many business opportunities are present in this sophisticated era. If you want to find a business opportunity with minimal and easy capital, let’s look at the following business opportunity recommendations!



One business opportunity that can be run without capital is to become a dropshipper. The capital that you need to spend is only internet quota capital and energy to make captions and upload photos of interesting items. Dropship is a marketing technique where sellers do not need to store stock, but only need to forward the order and details of the shipment of goods to the distributor /supplier/manufacturer, when getting orders.

Before starting dropship, it’s a good idea to research first the right distributor/supplier/ manufacturer first. Choose a distributor /supplier/manufacturer that sells goods at low prices, so that your profits can be even more. However, because the items ordered by the buyer will immediately reach them, you need to make sure that your online shop is trusted. Do not get when the buyer has received the item, there is an error that can occur, such as wrong color, wrong order, damage, and not even sent.

Even though dropship is one of the opportunities that do not require capital in the form of money, you need to determine the distributor/supplier/ producer well and mature, because this will have a big impact on your sales.

Goods Deposit Service

Goods Deposit Service

If you are someone who likes to travel and travel to the mall, you can take advantage of these business opportunities. Many people make their hobbies traveling or hangout to the mall to become a business opportunity to make extra money. At present, many online shops are opening services for various items. Starting from items that can be found in malls in general such as clothes, shoes, pants, makeup, etc., to take advantage of traveling to foreign countries to open food or beverage services that are difficult to find in their own country.

Typically, customers who shop for goods in malls are people who live outside the city and away from major malls. They have difficulty finding and buying these items so they have to use the services of the consignment. The rates for the goods deposited in the mall usually range from 10-30 thousand rupiah per item, apart from the shipping cost of the expedition, yes. Meanwhile, for services entrusted to goods or food that must be purchased abroad, generally the rates are more expensive, ranging from 50 – 150 thousand rupiah per item, and depending on the type of item.

In order to start a business, you only need to capitalize the photos you take yourself, or from the official website of the store, then upload them on social media that you use to sell. You do not need to spend capital to buy goods because the item is purchased when you have got money from the buyer. All you need is the cost and energy for taking pictures, uploading photos, packing items and sending items when they are sold. Do not forget to keep on updating the items that are currently in search of people, so that your entrusted services are much targeted.


The latter is a reseller. Resellers are one business opportunity with minimal capital. Even if you have to spend money to buy goods, you can arrange your expenses to buy goods, or outsmart them. Generally, resellers will look for distributors /suppliers/producers who sell goods at low prices. Then they will buy the item and sell it again at a higher price. That’s also what distinguishes resellers and dropship, because resellers must have stock of goods they want to sell, while dropship does not.

However, resellers can reduce the risk of disappointment from buyers. Because the reseller already has stock from the distributor /supplier/manufacturer, the reseller can check and ensure in advance the condition of the goods to be sent to the buyer. Compared to the deposit and dropship services, resellers do require the most effort and cost. Besides having to spend money to buy goods, resellers also have to do other things such as taking photos of goods, promotions, packaging processes, and shipping to expeditions.

Well, there are 3 recommendations for business opportunities with minimal capital that you can try to get extra money. If you are interested in opening a business but still lack capital, you can submit DJE online only through the PPL application! You can submit DJE a maximum of 8 million rupiahs, with a return tenor of up to 6 months. The interest offered is also low and will not make it difficult for you who are still starting a business. So, which business is interesting for you? Come on, write in the comments field!

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