JKL Bank: Lights And Shadows

The ABC Bank’s “response” to the search by the user of an excellent home banking and JKL phone banking service could not have been done with a JKL Bank.

Let’s start by saying, before going into the analysis of the options that this current account offers and, above all, the advantages and disadvantages that JKL Bank has compared to the current accounts of the competitors, that what determines whether a bank account is suitable or not to our needs, it is the use we are going to make , rather than its general characteristics, both from an economic and operational point of view.

If we consider fundamental this concept just expressed then we will not stop to analyze the possible convenience of certain items that apparently make this account more convenient than others , such as, for example, the monthly fee and how many operations it includes, as well as some others items to which we are usually more sensitive.

Let’s first look at the conditions, among the main items, that the JKL Bank offers:

Bank institute ABC Bank
Account name JKL Bank
Annual fee Free
Creditor rate 0,00%

Certainly a free monthly fee is an excellent element, and even more so because this gratuity is not subject to any condition relating to possessing and / or maintaining any requirement. And, of course, the fact that the free operations included in this canon, as already written free of charge, are absolutely unlimited also represent an excellent factor of choice. We remind you, however, that the term “operation” means any item (or line) reproduced on the account statement (a withdrawal, a payment, etc.).

Having said (indeed, written) this, from now on it is necessary to begin to evaluate the other elements with so much attention because most of the residual services are paid when they are used at the counter, remaining free (some) only if they are carried out through home banking or phone banking.


Current Account Features JKL Bank: lights and shadows.

Let’s start with some examples: the bank transfer and the post-pay have a cost equal to zero only if they are carried out via the Internet , from your PC or from your smartphone, and for a sum not exceeding fifteen thousand euros and within the national borders or to the within the EU area. Otherwise a cost they have it and not too low: 7.5 euros of base cost plus a percentage equal to 0.15 percent of the amount involved in the transaction .

Otherwise, each transaction is associated with a minimum fee of 3.5 euros for commissions. Furthermore, if the post-pay or transfer is a permanent arrangement, they cost € 2.5 for the transfer and € 0.50 for the post-pay, even if the request is made online.

Current Account Features JKL Bank: lights and shadows.

The account statement is sent free only through the Internet , otherwise the paper submission has a cost of 2 euros and even, if requested for particular reasons, its cost (paper) rises to 5 euros .

A significant incidence on the cost of the JKL Bank is due to the commission due for post office bills and the payment of RAVs and MAVs . A counter is decidedly high, 3 euros, but also through phone banking the commission, 2 euros, remains high, and even that relating to home banking is, after all, a bit expensive, amounting to 1.23 euros. If a paper receipt is required, a further € 0.50 must be disbursed.

As regards, instead, payment instruments, ABC Bank’s ATM (postamat) is free of charge as are cash withdrawals on ATMs of the ABC Bank Office , while those made on other ATMs have a commission cost of 1.75 EUR. The basic credit card of the current account

JKL Bank has an average cost (23 euros per year), while the annual fee for the “gold” card (50 euros per year) is even cheap. Dear carnet for checks (3 euros), regardless of how much they require each year.


The JKL Bank Promotions

New customers of the JKL Bank are entitled to the classic JKL Bank card without incurring any costs . And then you can always activate the “SorpRende Option” which increases the remuneration for each amount deposited.

Another promotion is reserved for JKL Bank current account holders who invest in trading  online: ” Inviting a friend ” allows you to receive credit on online trading commissions up to a maximum of one thousand euros, and is valid until May 31st.


The interest rate of JKL Bank: 0.00%.

The interest rate

Not very polite and almost a small mockery of ABC Bank account holders is the approximation to zero of creditors’ interests . One would say: “I make my assessments and move to other banks’ current accounts” but, alas, the truth and that, apart from promotions, the competition offers no better .


The conclusions

From the above it can be seen that the JKL Bank remains a current account a little below the average of the type of current accounts to which it is attributed . It does not allow to take full advantage of the characteristics of a modern current account and shows a little the side in terms of personality, remaining halfway between technological current accounts with propensity to use online and traditional current accounts.

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