How To Apply For A Cash Loan In The Bank?

The basic loan product in banks in Poland are cash loans. These are financial liabilities granted to clients with sufficient creditworthiness to repay principal and interest accrued by the bank. For accepting a cash loan, the bank may also charge a commission of a few percent. A characteristic feature of cash loans is that they are provided for any client’s credit purpose. In a word, a cash loan can be used by the customer in any way. What conditions must be met to take out such a loan?

Applying for a loan

loan application

As with any loan, also a cash loan requires that the client applies for the bank to receive the offer. Definitely the easiest way is to take a loan from a bank where the customer has a bank account or savings account or uses or has used credit products in the past.

A positive history at BIK, in the Credit Information Bureau combined with high creditworthiness, in principle guarantees that the borrower will obtain a positive credit decision on the application for a cash loan.

Documents for cash loan

requirements for a loan

The loan application must be supplemented with appropriate attachments desirable by the bank. Among them are the client’s personal documents, including an ID card and a second document with a photo, confirming the identity of the borrower, a certificate or statement on the amount of income and any documents confirming the establishment of loan repayment security.

In the case of applying for a cash loan at a bank where the client has a bank account and a long history of cooperation, the credit process and formalities connected with it are shortened to the necessary minimum. The bank may take a credit decision only on the basis of the amount of income on the customer’s account, and an application for such a loan may be submitted even online. Thanks to this, you can apply for a cash loan at any bank without leaving your home.

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